Back to listHigh Force, Teesdale by Ernest William Haslehust (1937-9 Watercolour)

High Force, Teesdale by Ernest William Haslehust
No 7 in a range of Co. Durham Landscape Prints 20" × 10" incl. borders Print code: L078
1+ £22.00 each unframed
2+ £20.50 each unframed

It’s not unique that the railway’s caption writer made a mistake (c.f. River Allen). This is not High Force on the River Tees but at Low Force over two kilometres downstream. The river is cutting through...
The preceding text is a small extract of a complete researched caption by Greg Norden & Robert Forsythe on this image, which will be sent with every purchased print.

The high resolution of printing and the art materials used give an excellent reproduction as they retain much of the feel and delicacy of the originals.

All the digital prints are clearly marked as reproductions.

This image has been watermarked "GNC" (Greg Norden Collection) to avoid copying. Purchased prints do not contain this watermark.

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