Original Artwork

Original paintings, sketches and prints by many of the poster, carriage print and commercial artists are available to purchase here - a unique opportunity to own examples of artwork by these leading 20th century artists.
Images and details can either be viewed by clicking on a category of artwork below...
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Baldwin, Frederick William (1 item) Haslehust, Ernest William (4 items) Olsson, Julius (1 item)
Barraud, Cyril H (159 items) Hayliar, Edith (1 item) Preston, Rex (1 item)
Bridgman, Frederick A (1 item) Heiron, George F (1 item) Renoir, Pierre Auguste (1 item)
Brown, John Alfred Arnesby (1 item) Hilder, Rowland (2 items) Sherwin, Frank (9 items)
Byfield, C (5 items) Howden, Scot C (1 item) Silas, Ellis Luciano (1 item)
Campbell-Taylor, Leonard (1 item) King, John W (1 item) Squirrell, Leonard Russell (6 items)
Canaletto, (1 item) Knight, Charles (4 items) Stamp, Edward (1 item)
Causer, William Sidney (1 item) Lander, Reginald Montague (7 items) Steel, Kenneth (1 item)
Constable, John (3 items) Maddox, Ronald (1 item) Swann, Edward (1 item)
De Schryver, Louis Marie (1 item) Maxwell, Donald (1 item) Taylor, Fred (1 item)
Eason, R H (18 items) Merriott, Jack (5 items) Walker, Edward (5 items)
Farrow, Alan (1 item) Moody, John Charles (3 items) Wilkinson , Norman (8 items)
Fletcher Watson, James (6 items) Muncaster, Claude Grahame (3 items) Wilson, A J (1 item)
Gray, Alan (1 item) Munnings, Sir Alfred (1 item) Winspear, Noah (1 item)
Gregory, E J (1 item) Newbould, Frank (1 item) Wolstenholme, A N (1 item)
Guinness, Sarah Elizabeth (1 item) Newton, William (1 item) Wright, Horace (1 item)
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