Collecting Carriage Prints

There are no rigid guidelines about collecting these attractive pictures from the past. Some people prefer the prints framed, others unframed; some collect a series and some acquire the works of a favourite artist or those of a particular area.

It is not uncommon to see the occasional carriage panel in antique shops, but the best way to obtain them is either through this website where my many years of collecting have meant that I often have surplus prints for sale from my personal collection and also through the railwayana collectors market. Thousands of people collect old railway memorabilia and the interest in carriage pictures and posters amongst these collectors has spread rapidly over recent years. Various well-run auction houses hold specialist railway relic sales around the country at regular intervals throughout the year. Many framed carriage prints come up for sale in these auctions. The main ones are…

A full list of carriage prints issued by the railways is available as a pdf on this web site.

The price of prints is largely dependent on condition, rarity, demand for certain areas or locations and whether they are in original style frames or not. Unframed prints are obviously cheaper.

The original artworks for the prints are valued highly and understandably so, as they are unique items. It is worth keeping a look out for them - you never know, a bargain may turn up!

If you have original prints for sale or exchange do feel free to contact me for advice.

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