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Prints & Photographs

  • Fine art, high-resolution 1440dpi, giclee prints and photographs using advanced 7-colour ultrachrome inks with Micro Piezzo printhead technology giving lightfastness up to 75 years, unlike poor quality laser copies.

  • The high resolution of printing and the art materials used give excellent reproduction qualities as they retain much of the feel and delicacy of the originals.

  • All the digital prints and photographs are clearly marked as reproductions.

  • Print and photo sizes are either 12"×10" (305×254mm), 17"×10" (432×254mm), 20"×10" (508×254mm) or 25"×10" (635×254mm), including borders. Size is shown alongside each item.

  • For bespoke size printing, please contact us for prices.

  • What is giclée? The name giclée comes from a French word meaning 'to spray'. It is used to describe prints made on the latest high technology inkjet printers that are able to print to unprecedented quality and archival levels.

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Each print has Boris the spider hiding in the image - see if you can find him when you receive your prints!


  • ORIGINAL-STYLE hardwood frames, stained and lacquered and reproduced to the original mahogany profile as used in railway carriages.

  • Brass screws heads in original-style fixing screw holes for authenticity and appearance.

  • Frames include an MDF backing board with hangers, styrene glass and protective corners.

  • For overall frame size: add 30mm extra to print size.

  • Prints ordered with frames will come ready framed, unless requested otherwise. The correct frame moulding to suit the product will automatically be allocated to your purchase. Loose frames can also be purchased - see below.

Frame Prices:

Original style LMS style SR Ornate style
Original style (BR / LNER)LMS / GWR / SR styleOrnate style (Pre-grouping)

17" × 10" - £22.50   

20" × 10" - £22.50   

17" × 10" - £22.50   

20" × 10" - £22.50   

25" × 10" - £24.00   

12" × 10" - £18.50   


  • The paper used for the prints and photos is fine art matt 180gsm Fuji Hunt.

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