Researched Historical Information

EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY... and carriage prints often contain a wealth of history behind each image.

After much research into the images in the Greg Norden Collection by Robert Forsythe and Greg Norden, most of the landscapes now have detailed captions available with relevant historical information on the carriage print locations.

We are therefore pleased to be able to enclose a printed caption (where available) with each purchased carriage print from this website to enhance your enjoyment of owning the picture. We hope to complete the research into the remaining images by early 2007.

Below is an example of a print and the full caption that will be sent with it.

Alnmouth, Northumberland by Stanley Roy Badmin (1945-7 Watercolour)

A marvellously detailed composition by the illustrator, Stanley Badmin, of the Aln railway viaduct at Lesbury, which was built by the Newcastle and Berwick Railway in 1847. Alnmouth (in the left background) prospered as a port and shipbuilding centre until the River Aln changed its course in a gale in 1806. Alnmouth station is just visible south of the viaduct, near the disappearing steam train and the signals (which are in an impossible position!). The line is now electrified and carries an overhead catenary system. Badmin painted the scene from Hawkhill and must have hired a helicopter to have been able to get this particular perspective of sea and estuary! Note also the haycocks and bus which help date the painting. ALNMOUTH is a former North Eastern Railway station on the main Newcastle to Edinburgh main line and was a junction for the Alnwick branch.

Alnmouth by Stanley Roy Badmin

If any of our customers have any more information, or any corrections to our captions, we would be pleased to know.

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