Listing of 'Landscape' Carriage Prints

By Series As Originally Issued (1923-65)

Artists' carriage prints depicting 'landscape' scenes can be divided into two basic categories:-

  1. STANDARD FORMAT - the majority of prints issued. Titled, mounted and unmounted prints, with cream or white borders. This design was first used by the LNER and was later adopted by BR.
  2. NON-STANDARD FORMAT - Southern borderless, or smaller size prints.

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The railways do not appear to have kept records of the prints they utilized, so the listings have largely been the result of extensive detective work over many years. I am now satisfied that all the standard format series lists are now complete. Incidently, the titles of the series are purely my own inventions in order to make identification a little easier. Each print's full title is shown.

All listings © Greg Norden 1997-2020

If viewers have any comments or information to add to the listings, we would be pleased to hear from you. More information on the history of the prints, including details of existing original artwork, issued sizes etc, can be found in the book Landscapes under the Luggage Rack

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