Hemingford Grey, Huntingdonshire

Hemingford Grey when filming for the new documentary

In April, 2019 we were filming for the new documentary with the drone camera and couldn't quite get the right angle for the carriage print still photo. When the lockdown ended in the summer of 2020 we went back and were very kindly allowed by a local houseowner to go into his back garden and landing stage in order to take this photo. The drone film of this lovely location will feature at the beginning of the documentary! 

Hemingford Grey, Huntingdonshire (by Leonard Squirrell)

Hemingford Grey claims the oldest inhabited house in England with a record of occupation going back to 1160. Here it is the riverbank church that is centre-stage. The view has changed little save that motor boats are likely to be present. The octagonal top to the tower is striking. Once there was a spire on top which a gale demolished in 1741. Perhaps the leaves are hinting at autumn in this view by the Suffolk artist? As with Hemingford Abbots - both villages are right down beside the river Ouse, yet they never benefited from a station despite the St Ives to Huntingdon line passing not far away.


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