Claude Montague Hart ( 1869-1952)

Painter of landscapes & seascapes. One of seven children of artist Thomas HART who also became artists in their own right, the others being Herbert Passingham HART, Horace Percival HART, Marie Louise HART, Ruby Irene HART, Sydney Ernest HART and Tracey Douglas Dyke HART. Born in 1869, Landwednack, Cornwall, England; died 06 Nov 1952, Penhallow, Church Cove Rd, Landwednack, Cornwall, England. Married EVELYN BOWER WILSON, 14 Feb 1917, Landwednack, Cornwall, England. 'Monty' studied painting in Antwerp but returned to the Lizard in Cornwall which provided the subjects for many of his seascapes. Many paintings were sold locally to visitors, but by 1940s demand had dried up and he ceased painting. He was deeply involved with Lifeboat Service, and for thirty-nine years was Secretary for the local Lizard rescue boat. Apart from his time in Antwerp c 1891 he lived in the family home, Polbrean at The Lizard all his life and died there aged 83. He provided paintings for the GWR series of carriage pictures in 1923 and for the associated GWR illustrated book on Cornwall.

Produced artwork for GWR 1923 series.

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