Frank Henry Algernon Mason (RI, RBA 1875-1965)

Marine painter in oil & watercolour, etcher, illustrator, author & poster designer. Born Seaton Carew, Co Durham 1/10/75. Son of a railway clerk. Educated at HMS Conway and followed sea for a time as a ship engineer. Later engaged in engineering and shipbuilding at Leeds and Hartlepool. Travelled abroad extensively and painted many subjects in watercolour. Served 1914-18 as Lieutenant in the RNVR in N.Sea and Egypt. Studied under Albert Strange at the Scarborough School of Art. Member of RBA 1904, RI 1929. Exhibited at the RA from 1900 and achieved a prolific output of artwork for the railways. Wrote the book Water Colour Painting with Fred Taylor. Lived at Scarborough, then London. Represented in several public collections. Produced posters for NER, GNR, LMS, LNER, GWR & BR.

Produced artwork for LNER Original Etching, LNER Post-War, W Region series.

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