Ernest William Haslehust (RI, RBA, RWA, RBC 1866-1949)

Landscape painter chiefly in watercolour, illustrator. Born Walthamstow 12/11/1866. Educated Manor House, Hastings and Felsted. Studied art at Slade School under Alphonse Legros. Exhibited at at the Royal Academy, R.B.A., R.I., R.W.A. and Ridley Art Club. Represented in several public collections. Principal works include The Bridge nr Arundel and A Devon Estuary. He illustrated the Blackie's Beautiful Britain series of books and produced posters. President of Midland Sketch Club and vice president Kent County Chess Association. Lived in S. London for many years. Died 3/7/1949. Produced posters for LMS & LNER.

Produced artwork for LNER Pre-War series.

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