Charles David Cobb (ROI, PRSMA 1921-2014)

Marine painter and draughtsman in oils & gouache, writer. Associate Fellow of the Guild of Glass Engravers. Born Bromley, Kent 13/5/1921. Educated Nautical College, Pangbourne. Studied art under R. Borlase Smart. Served during the war in early 1940s as 1st Lieutenant in the Atlantic convoys and in 1943-5 commanded MTBs in North Sea. Married to the painter, Jean Main (d.1908). Exhibited widely abroad and at R.B.A., S.M.A. and R.O.I.. Lived Newlyn, Cornwall; Itchenor, Sussex; and Brockenhurst, Hants for some years. President of the RSMA. Produced posters for BR.

Produced artwork for LMR (B) series.

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