Claude Buckle (RI, RSMA 1905-1973)

Painter in oils & watercolour, particularly marine subjects, poster designer. Born London 10/10/1905. Trained as an architect, specialising in industrial drawings, but turned to art in 1928. Was a member of Savages Art Club in Bristol. Produced commissioned artwork for the new nuclear power stations around the country. Close friend of Terence Cuneo. Achieved a prolific output of artwork for the railways. Painted many of his later subjects around the coast in France. Lived near Andover, Hampshire. Died in 1973. Produced posters for GWR, LMS, SR & BR.

Produced artwork for LMR Railway Architecture, LMR (A), LMR (D), S Region(A), S Region(B), W Region series.

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Claude Buckle
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