Issued: 1955

Edward Mortelmans Capture of Henry VI, 1460, Northampton.
Edgar, King of the English, R. Dee Chester, AD 973.
Elizabeth Fry at Newgate Prison, London in 1813.
Famous Samuel Johnson was born Lichfield, 1709.
In 1715 Jacobite army marched, England, Preston.
In 1854 Florence Nightingale at Lea Hurst, Derbyshire.
In 1875 P.M. Disraeli, London, shares in Suez Canal.
King Henry VIII marriage, Dunstable Abbey in 1533.
Peasants revolt in 1381, poll tax, Smithfield, London.
Scene Temple Gardens, London, Wars of the Roses.
Sir Richard Arkwright, Cotton Machine, Nottingham.
Sir Walter Scott, married Carlisle Cathedral, 1797.
Bill Sawyer Charles I setting standard, Nottingham Castle, 1642.
Cromwell, Lord Protector, parliament 1653 (London).
Edward I Parliament, Ashridge, Berkhamsted, 1291.
John Bunyan (1628-88) many years, Bedford Prison.
John Peel, the fox hunter, Lake District.
Lady Jane Grey, Bradgate House, Leicester, 1550's.
Last battle on English soil, Clifton, Westmorland, 1745.
Poet William Wordsworth (1770-1850), born Lakeland.
Robert the Bruce, Castle Rushen, Isle of Man, 1313.
Samuel Pepys, diarist, great fire of London, 1666.
St Comgall, Bangor, Co. Down, Ireland in AD 555.
Wigan, Charles I's H.Q. North West, Civil War, 1651.
Albert Richard Whitear A jousting tournament at Castle of Ashby De La Zouch.
Albanus, Roman officer, first martyr, St Albans, AD 303.
Conspirators in Gunpowder Plot 1605 Ashby St Ledgers.
Edward I and Queen, Eleanor of Castile, Conway Castle.
Edward I hawking, Rhuddlan Castle, built in 11th century.
Edward V, the boy King arrested Stony Stratford 1483.
Francis Bacon, philosopher, essayist, lived at St Albans.
In 1788, William Wilberforce British reformer... (London).
Mary Queen of Scots,1570, Chatsworth Place (Derbys).
Richard the III, Leicester, before Bosworth, 1485.
Romans 20th Legion, Deva (Chester) 2000 years ago.
Tynwald Hill in the Isle of Man, derives its name from....
Harry Redvers Winslade According to Legend, Lady Godiva, naked, Coventry.
At St Albans in 1455 was the first battle of Wars of Roses.
Charles I at top of Phoenix Tower in city walls of Chester.
Crown jewels stolen by Colonel Blood, 1671 (London).
First Prince of Wales, Caernarvon Castle, 1301.
Henry Tudor proclaimd Henry VII, Battle Bosworth, 1485.
Heroic defence, 1645, Lathom House, Ormskirk, Charlotte.
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, Kenilworth Castle, 1562.
Robin Hood, legendary hero, Sherwood Forest, Notts.
Thomas Wolsey, Cardinal, Leicester Abbey, 1530.
William Caxton printing press, Westminster, London, 1476.
William the Conqueror, offered crown, Berkhamsted.

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